A virtual card platform*

Provide customers with a virtual platform that replaces the need to physically carry
multiple credit/debit cards
Action Taken
Definition & creation of platform scope
End to end service flow creation
Design and development of Mobile application

Core Banking System implementation, legacy system & data migration (South East Asia)*

System users were well versed with the existing CBS hence enabling them to adapt to a new application interface.
Quick implementation considering time constraints with the client.
Action Taken
Rigorous discussion session with detail FSD of the use cases before actual development and implementation.
Modular approach for the design & development covering Product & configurations, accounting rules & accruals, schedulers & BI reports, integrations with the UT Net.

Digitalization: South East Asian Bank*

Mobile app UI/UX-out of date, Lack of responsive website
Digital marketing tools: not used or utilized
Mobile app: outdated and only supports Android , Digital Loans: not available
Action Taken
Platform conceptualization, SoW for next 3-4 years vision created
UI/UX design- web and mobile app
Mobile app development-Hybrid app
Responsive web development
Provided end to end project and program management.

Material Monitoring via QR/Bar Codes*

Requirement Analysis, technical consulting & Scoping
Intuitive web/app design with responsive layout. Easy to navigate and access application features
Secure & Seamless integration with client Material Database
Material List with filtered Search & Display
Categorized product selection & quick Barcode/QR Code generation
Print or Download list of Material with Barcode/QR Code generated in the application.
Thorough support from application design, development, testing, deployment & post-deployment

Gift On The Go!- The gifting Marketplace*

Lack of platform availability to send Quality Gifts
Gift On The Go! is an cross border mobile commerce application in Gifting space.
Action Taken
The product conceptualization
UI/UX design
Marketplace development and launch
Got to market strategy for India, Philippines and Singapore
Marketplace launched in India, Philippines & Singapore
200k+ users enrolled with 1k orders/mont

RPA and Automation – PoV :Development and Delivery*

An accurate time for drivers to reach arrivals
A specific designated location for passengers and drivers to meet at
An efficient booking of pre or post-paid airport taxis.

AirPick - Efficient Airport Pickups*

An integrated mobile platform that connects passengers and drivers within the airport to provide:

An accurate time for drivers to reach arrivals
A specific designated location for passengers and drivers to meet at
An efficient booking of pre or post-paid airport taxis.

Mobile App Upgrade: MFI in Asia*

Older app code written on android version KitKat, to be upgraded to latest android version AndroidX
Earlier designed only to fit with 10" screen dimensions, to be upgraded to fit with 5" to 12" tab screen size.
Too many scattered modules/sub-modules, to be merged into single module with improved coding standard , Performance enhancement

Action Taken
Improved UI of the app to fit with 5" to 12" screen dimensions
Version upgrade from Kitkat to AndroidX
Enhanced UX

App Learn*

Lack of quality from existing partners and technical resources

Our offerings:
Taken up full stack development with one of our senior technical Lead

Dash Payment Platform*

End to end mobile wallet delivary: Web, Mobile app and backend
Key features:

Easy top-up
Easy Payments
Split Bills
Wallet to Bank Transfers
QR code generation

Mobile Money Platform*

Product strategy and specification creation

Action Taken:
Identification of product and market fit
Defination and documentation of platform scope
New product strategy development for FMCG supply chain digitalization
Identification and match making of channel partnership

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